Edson Manufacturing was established in 1964 as deep drawn eyelet manufacture.

In 1974 Edson was purchased by Marson Corporation  to manufacture blind rivet bodies in a 3000 square foot facility.

In 1978 present owners Lee Gaw and John Famiglietti began working at Edson while in high school and trained as toolmakers. The two were dedicated employees working hard to build the division which became vital to Marson.  They  developed  a full stainless steel blind rivet line putting Marson in a strategic position in the industry . Edson shares a unique position in history with the current owners starting out with limited resources and building the division through years of hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

In 1996 Marson offered the division to the two with a 10 year contract to produce  blind rivets .At  the young age of 35 years old the two took ownership .

Through 2004 the company grew to double its size growing from one customer to 35 customers over 7 years period primarily producing blind rivets and expanding to deep drawn eyelet products.  In late 2004 Edson purchased blind rivet assembly equipment from IFS expanding to full assembly capabilities. Now at  14,000 square feet ,Edson  branched out into offering a import line of closed end, multi-grip, and standard blind rivets.

In March 2009 Edson purchased machinery from their second largest customer  Celus Manufacturing  .

During 2014 Edson purchased cold heading equipment  and began extruding aluminum , steel, and copper rivet bodies as well as assembly equipment offering a full line of domestic stamped and extruded blind rivets.

Today Edson occupies over 40,000 square feet with a full tool room ,complete deep drawn eyelet capability, cold heading, and assembly capibility.

Edson employees have years of experience in the fastener industry and bring you this knowledge as well as a dedication to customer service.